SEO Aspects & Issues

26 September 2016

What Not to Do in SEO – 2016

There are many so-called SEO pundits who claim that they possess all the effective SEO strategies and tactics that every website owner should employ to rank high in the search engine page results (SERP). But their claim is definitely unimportant and quite difficult to substantiate, for SEO strategies and tactics have been radically changing throughout […]

Top 10 Tips for Recommended Social Media Practice with Ongoing SEO Activity

Consider your goals as- A. “allowing” Search Engines to correlate between your brand and SEO chosen keywords – which have been incorporated in your social media properties. B. Leveraging your fans and followers to generate brand buzz and natural incoming links activity. Social Media Practice: 1) Useful content, enhance images, media. 2) When writing content- […]

17 October 2013

The Future of Search in the Digital Market: Semantic Search

Search algorithms of major companies such as Google and Facebook have incorporated semantic technology over the past few years. Within the next few years the impact of this technology is anticipated to become much more influential. Semantic Search links together data elements regarding the entire context. For example placing together the words “New” and “York” […]

26 December 2012

Significance of Local SEO In Online Marketing Strategy

When you want your business to prosper and survive in a competitive market, you need a foolproof online marketing strategy that covers both the local community and the global market. Many times, the online business owners are so busy luring customers from around the world that they ignore the ones that are right under their […]

26 December 2012

What’s The Relation between Site Reviews and SEO?

Most of us seek online products these days and the best way to verify that we are buying from a reliable source is to check the user reviews before purchasing the product. Site reviews from real users are important to enhance the creditability of your website and enable the customers to trust you and the […]